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Uno Group have introduced a Group Rover ticket where 4 people can travel together on any Uno bus in Hertfordshire all day for £12.

The new bus station in Stevenage is up and running.
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From a recent visite I noted:
 - No retail outlets, so cannot even buy a drink or snack.
 - A two minute walk to the nearest shops and town centre. Doesn't sound much, but less convenient than the old location, where you could stroll out of the pub and straight onto a bus!
 - Inadequate toilet facilities. Two gender-neutral and one disabled toilet. All either out of use or occupied the whole time I was there.
 - Buses emerge onto one side of a dual carriageway, meaning for many a trip in the wrong direction down to a large roundabout to go round and back on the opposite carriageway.
 - Slightly nearer the rail station.
 - Compact. So easy to locate which stand your bus is going from and convenient if changing to another service.
 - Information displayed on screen, so easy to check your next departure. But note: Despite the claim on the Intalink screen, most of the information is NOT real-time. A bus I was waiting for vanished from the screen giving the impression it was not going to arrive with a 20 minute wait for the next. Shortly afterwards it arrived, a whole 3 minutes late!
Have you made use of it yet? More feedback. welcome.

On a recent visit to Worcestershire I found that their bus services had been slashed even more dramatically than in Herts. Upton-upon-Severn, a small town , but which has a huge influx of summer visitors for various shows and festivals, used to have an hourly service to Worcester, plus routes to the nearby town of Tewksbury. The service to Worcester has been reduced to a three per day 'shopping service' and the service to Tewksbury, along with several others, has been axed completely.

Even London, with the best bus services in the country, is not exempt from the seemingly endless cutbacks. Many routes are facing the axe or a reduced service according to a proposal currently out for consultation.
For more info Google 'Proposed TfLbus cuts/changes 2022'  . The best brief summary is at:

Herts Lynx, the on-demand bus service operating in North and East Herts, is currently operating a summer promotion to local destinations.
See fo
r more details. If you have any comments on this service please let us have your  feedback.

The 84 route from St Albans to Potters Bar has been saved, but with a reduced route. Operated by Sullivans it now ends at PB

The Royston to Cambridge service  has changed from the "A" service to the 915, but now takes in the village of Fowlmere, and calls at the Trumpington Park and Ride to allow access on the guided bus service to Addenbrooke's Hospital, as the new service now goes to the Drummer Street bus Station.  In addition the 18 service to Buntingford is now being run by Richmond's Coaches.