The RMT Union has for a while now been campaigning to keep guards on trains and there have been a number of strikes to try and prevent yet more trains running with no-one to check on passengers.
Our own Great Northern trains did away with the guards many years ago and I notice, when traveling, situations which show the need for a responsible person on the train.
E.g. Someone allowed their non too clean looking dog to sit next to them on a seat and then proceeded to feed it biscuits and scraps, still on the seat, leaving debris for someone to sit on.
Or; noisy crowds of people drinking heavily were, and still are, a problem.. The 'solution' was to ban
anyone from drinking alcohol on a train.But, without anyone to enforce  this ban, it is totally ignored.

These minor matters of anti-social behaviour would not be important enough to be 'see it say it sorted' by calling British Transport Police, as endlessly suggested over the PA. A guard on the train, however, could deal with such issues, and be in touch with 'backup' for more serious situations. It is absurd, and dangerous, for trains to travel non-stop from London to Cambridge with no supervision whatsoever of passengers.

I have felt for some time that the issue should not be between train companies who wish to save money and unions who wish to preserve members' jobs.
It is an issue of public safety. I think, from what I hear at meetings,  that most members of NHBUG would agree.

There is currently a petition to Parliament to make it a legal requirement to have guards on trains. If you agree with me please sign the petition. It is at:

David Wakelin - Secretary NHBUG.

Despite recent announcements of the ‘end of austerity’ from the Government, Herts CC. has just released a survey asking for at least three areas where expenditure can be reduced. Transport and Bus services are of course on the list. The chief executive’s salary isn’t!

To help prevent yet further cuts to support for buses it is important to fill in this survey and make your views known.

The survey is on the Herts. CC website

For points arising from our October meeting and updated responses see the previous news item
and also minutes of the October meeting, on the website under ‘Meetings’.

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Updated November 2018